3 Mistakes Need to Avoid When Move Agen Domino Cloud

Agen Domino Cloud
Different ventures have committed enormous errors in their Agen Domino cloud organizations. Here they are, so you can abstain from committing a similar cloud-movement errorsThe vast majority of the accomplishment with your cloud arrangements originates from dodging the blunders that have cratered a few cloud ventures. I don’t need those of you perusing this blog to rehash similar errors.

Here are three regular missteps in cloud arrangements that you can, and should, Agen Domino abstain from making.

3 Mistakes Need to Avoid When Move into Agen Domino Cloud

Agen Domino Cloud

#1: Chasing the new sparkling items

Regardless of if it’s serverless or holders, ventures love what is new and hip. Albeit both serverless distributed computing and holders like Docker have a lot of significant worth, I frequently observe them utilized as a part of the wrong places for the wrong utilize cases.

Any new innovation that is drawing the consideration of the tech press, for example, machine adapting, profound learning, compartments, web of things, and serverless figuring—needs a decent business case which associates with a decent utilize case. Without both a decent business case and great utilize case, you could constrain square pegs into round gaps—regardless of how cool it is.


#2: Not considering devops

Moving to cloud? At that point you should move to a devops lifestyle, and to devops-empowering innovation, when you can. Why? http://idola99.com/ Since it will make your distributed computing movement more dexterous and speedier.

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The truth is that many endeavors moving to cloud Agen Domino decrease the esteem they get from cloud in light of the fact that their current application improvement forms are as yet customary waterfall. In spite of the fact that the waterfall approach works, it doesn’t give the capacity to ceaselessly enhance application workloads or speed the generation and organization of new applications.


#3: Hiring for spending plan, not for ability

Regardless of in case you’re utilizing a counseling administration or procuring specifically, in case you’re going modest on distributed computing ability, you’ll get assets that will probably accomplish more mischief than great. Sparing $1 million in pay can cost you $100 million in avoidable screw-ups. I see this consistently.

What is Xen Paravirtualization

Xen Paravirtualization

Xen is the regularly utilized name for the Xen Project hypervisor. It is at present created by the Linux Foundation with help from Intel. Like KVM, it means to give a component through which the Linux piece can be utilized as a hypervisor while virtualizing PC frameworks.

Beginning as an undertaking at the University of Cambridge in 2003, the Xen Project is an open source hypervisor usage utilizing a changed Linux part as a base. It’s accessible through business arrangements, for example, Citrix’s XenServer, or on the other hand it can be designed for nothing on various Linux has, for example, Debian, CentOS and Red Hat. Xen can enable visitors to keep running with full equipment virtualization, and in addition with hypervisors like KVM, and it can likewise run visitors utilizing paravirtualization.

What is Paravirtualization?

Paravirtualization is an innovation that includes the visitor working framework being altered keeping in mind the end goal to make particular calls to the basic hypervisor rather than to the equipment. Accordingly the visitor working framework knows that it is running in a virtualized domain with the goal that it can quicken things by asking for particular assets from the host, as opposed to the host providing imitated interfaces. This enables Xen to run visitors on equipment that doesn’t have any equipment virtualization augmentations, notwithstanding conceivably expanding the execution of visitor frameworks. While Xen is fit for running various visitor working frameworks going from Linux dispersions, UNIX-like frameworks and Microsoft’s Windows, just frameworks that can run an altered part can exploit the paravirtualization capacities.

A drawback to the paravirtualization is that the changes to the visitor working framework are fundamental to its steady running. For instance, changing the piece of a paravirtualized Linux visitor framework to one without the Xen adjustments will make the visitor crash at startup.

Xen Full Virtualization Mode

At the point when Xen runs a visitor in full virtualization mode there’s no requirement for the adjusted parts on the visitor frameworks. The host needs to have equipment virtualization augmentation, for example, VT-x or AMD-V accessible and empowered keeping in mind the end goal to run a visitor in full virtualization mode.

Dissimilar to various other virtualisation frameworks that deal with their virtual hard drives by making records on the host’s filesystem for capacity, Xen can utilize Linux intelligent volume administration so as to make sensible volumes which are utilized for datastores. This implies there are a lot of instruments accessible for dealing with the circle pictures, yet additionally that they could be effectively mounted by the host working framework, or by another should the need emerge to deal with the plate if the virtual machine neglects to boot.

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Similarly as with various other hypervisor have frameworks for Linux, the standard Xen hypervisor is controlled by means of the summon line. There are various different devices that can likewise be utilized for dealing with the visitor virtual machines, for example, Virtual Machine Manager, that give a graphical UI which can make things simpler to work with.

A helpful element of the Xen hypervisor is the capacity to live move a visitor virtual machine starting with one physical host then onto the next. This is accomplished by incrementally duplicating the memory from the running virtual machine to the host it is being moved to. At the purpose of movement the running machine is delayed, a last synchronization of the memory happens, at that point the visitor virtual machine resumes running on the new host. This procedure can happen with the visitor virtual machine just encountering downtime measured in parts of a moment.

Highlights like the live relocation and paravirtualization execution have guaranteed that the Xen Project has demonstrated a famous hypervisor for various facilitating suppliers that give virtual private servers to the general population. This implies it is all around upheld with consistent updates and a lot of assistance on the web.

Configure your Link Structure with YOURLS

Link structure

In the modern world of social media, people often try to say as much as they can with as few characters as possible. Especially with services such as Twitter limiting you to 140 characters, getting the message across in such a short message is a challenge. This gets harder still when you want to include hyperlinks in your message, allowing readers to click through for more information, as these links are often long and eat into that precious character allowance.

While a number of link-shortening services have appeared to aid in this – allowing you to shrink a hyperlink to fewer than 20 characters – these are often generic and anyone can shorten a link with them. This makes it impossible for a reader to know the legitimacy of a link before they click on it as they have no idea what domain they will end up clicking through to. Social media account hijackings mean that users are likely to be more cautious about these links.

So what is the solution?  Link shortening using your own domain is the ideal scenario, which is where YOURLS comes in. This is a web application that creates a forward for a short character combination through to a longer hyperlink. So rather than seeing a generic hyperlink that could be of questionable quality, the reader can now see a link with a domain name they trust – your domain – and know that only someone from your company could create that link.

YOURLS is a PHP application that uses a MySQL database to keep track of the links. This means that it can be used on any web hosting environment with PHP and MySQL. For the sake of this tutorial we are going to assume that you already have a server with  a LAMP or WAMP stack installed, and have created a Virtualhost for the domain you plan to use with YOURLS. You will also need to create a database for YOURLS to use.

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The first thing to do is download the latest release from the YOURLS Github page: https://github.com/YOURLS/YOURLS/archive/master.zip

Unzip this file and copy the files contained within the YOURLS-master directory to the root of your virtual host or web hosting space.

You now need to copy the file “users/config-sample.php” to “users/config.php”. Once this is done you need to edit the config.php file and put in the details for your hosting environment.

This file is well documented, but you do need to go through all of the steps:

  • The first step is to set the details for the database that you are going to be using with YOURLS. You then need to define the domain name that you are configuring YOURLS to work with, i.e. the domain pointing to where you put these files.
  • Next, you need to provide your timezone’s offset from GMT. Then, if you need to use a different language than English, add the details of the translation file to use.
  • The next few settings can be left at their default. After that, you can enter a long string of random text to encrypt the YOURLS cookie data in the cookie key .

Next comes an important part: the creation of an array of username and password combinations for users who can log in and create shortening links. These are added in this file using plain text, but the first time that you use YOURLS after editing this file, the passwords will be transformed into a secure hash which will then overwrite the plain text version for password security. You can have as many ‘username’=>’password’ pairs here as you need for your site’s users.

The last few settings should be fine as they are for the rest of your usage. So save this file, and you are ready to get started. If you edited the file on your local computer, make sure you’ve uploaded it to your web space.
Now you can start using YOURLS: navigate in your browser to http://your-domain.com/admin/ replacing “your-domain.com” with the domain you have used for this site and you will be greeted with the login screen for your YOURLS admin. You can sign in using one of the username/password combinations you created earlier and start shortening URLs.


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How to Maximize Your Chance of Winning When Playing Judi Online

Judi Online

Intense trainings enable today’s gamblers to accumulate practical knowledge and to become sure of their capabilities to have their interests advantageously. Nonetheless, even profitable members do not end their lookups for unique tactics and attentively investigate strange opinions. So, a Judi Online Terpercaya strategy which features a specific main scheme, is among elaborate instruments to gain a competitive advantage. Its elaboration means existence of a good practical experience, which is essential to integrate witnessed separate game principles. Therefore, helpful solutions are supplied, as usual, by practiced gamers, who have competed with both play machines and other fans.

A Judi Online  game consists of unforeseen steps of all engaged members, what makes it exciting independently of a participators number and rather easy common principles. This condition does the game unforeseen, so it is just this component that is treasured by many card enthusiasts.

Best Strategy Win The Judi Online Games

An ability to predict your individual and other individuals’ circumstances is a main precondition to join winning bettors. Every game counterpart should be careful to avoid failure that happens if his or her amount exceeds specified 21. In accordance with their inclinations, some participants suppose the right choices and others perform specific computations.

Since the leisure industry is a speedily expanding field, it is portrayed by continuously emerging fresh remarkable proposals and joining more interested players. Their knowledge is definitely limited to become properly oriented to begin accumulating a valuable experience straight away. Happily, Judi Online  rules belong to commonly obtainable details and every fresh gambling service visitor can easily add his/her insufficient information with conventional laws.

Furthermore, there are free resources on the Web, which let mastering fans to practice with no constraints. The conventional rules are not the only things, which may enable novices to take pleasure in incredible opportunities of a gambling domain. For example, it is pretty advisable to adopt Judi Casino Online Online  strategy tips, which may become practical instruments to withstand rivals. By sticking to these useful concepts, apprentices can better understand genuine gambling laws and hasten their individual training.

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If a fan wants to compete with other fans and not just play automates, then he/she has to master following the ways of reasoning, inherent in his or her counterparts. It is a usual scenario for Judi Online  tournaments participators, which confront a need to contend against many meticulously trained practitioners. Thus, to conduct sufficient trainings, virtual gamers are encouraged to get listed users of card chambers, which mean participation of other opponents www.iconwin.com

If a surfer utilizes routinely leisure sites, then he/she enjoys high chances to encounter the best Judi Online  strategy. This is obviously that each scheme has been designed by a definite expert with his or her personal gaining procedures. So, its new applicant needs to check it first and to get confident that he/she operates it effectively and it functions properly and stably. Surely, a winning Casino Online strategy is most attractive for a circle of real gamblers, which prefer to combine their free time with earning.

Luckily, each possible money maker has a nice possibility to practice and to validate his/her own or strange systems by means of cost-free facilities. After strategy approval, a supporter can effortlessly get a registered participant, create an account and launch applying his or her talents.

How to Do Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital Transformation

What is DX? As a UX originator, Datacom the organization I work for portray it as:

“The demonstration of changing organizations carefully from end to end – from operations to foundation, fitting together innovation, procedures and individuals.”

For what reason do organizations need to carefully change?

‘Being computerized’ may appear like the standard for UX planners, especially for advanced locals who have grown up with the Internet, or individuals who work at new businesses established in the computerized age.

Be that as it may, there are swathes of vast, antiquated organizations as yet utilizing forms from the pre-PC age. It is essential that they get with the circumstances, or they will be abandoned. As indicated by Cisco’s Director of IoT and City Digitization, Bas Boorsma, by 2020 75% of organizations will be completely advanced and only 40% of organizations around today will even now be around in ten years.

What happens if organizations don’t adjust?

Organizations who are not advancing are prime possibility for having their clients stolen by new contenders. As the tech business visionary, Jeff Bezos says, “Our clients are faithful to us straight up until the point that the second some individual offers them a superior administration.”

No industry is sheltered from DX. I as of late went to DX2017, a New Zealand-based meeting where Uber, Amazon and Airbnb were as often as possible utilized as cases of where trailblazers have evaded customary plans of action, and considered unheard of options. Taxi organizations, bookshops and inns worldwide would have all been stunned at the speed of their commonness.

Essentially, Brett Cooper, Director of Digital at Foxtel, Australia’s Pay TV organization talked about how Netflix has totally upset their industry, and alongside sharp increments in their client portable and online networking use, influenced them to need to reconsider their item advertising.

Fruitful advanced change

Some more established organizations have entered the advanced age effectively, e.g. coordinations and transport organization, Mainfreight. They began in 1978 with only one Bedford truck and they are presently an overall organization who have won honors for their development technique and visionary initiative. Their new insight entryway Mainchain Ultra has empowered them to totally digitize their clients’ supply chains, and in the meantime, empowered them to have perceivability into cargo controlled by their rivals.

Mainfreight Ultra was produced out of issue recognized by one of their greatest clients – straightforwardness. The client had more than 150,000 requests for every year with an estimation of over $1billion, and more than 6000 extraordinary supply chains. Their items must be sent to Europe from industrial facilities over the globe and afterward get sent pull out again through around 70 unique bearers. It was truly hard to monitor where items were at various focuses in the inventory network. The issue was comprehended by the new entrance as it connects up these exchanges to give a value-based view (‘magnifying lens’) for everyday operations, and additionally an expository view (‘telescope’) to empower them to enhance their supply chains going advances.

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This is only one of the ground breaking advancements they utilize. They have voice picking innovation in their distribution centers so individuals can work totally sans hands, and an examining innovation that catches information in a hurry. Their Global CIO, Kevin Drinkwater, credits their prosperity to advancement being a piece of their organization DNA – where everybody is urged to recommend changes and thoughts. He routinely visits locales worldwide to perceive what their torment focuses are, educate them concerning new innovation, and let them think about any innovation influencing their industry.

What’s more, when it turns out badly…

Forbes evaluated that 84% of organizations fizzle with their computerized change procedure. How can it turn out badly?

The primary slips with DX are; not acting soon enough, not adjusting to new patterns, not having a creative culture and not inquiring about and testing new thoughts previously they are made into realization.

There are such huge numbers of advanced debacles that could be utilized as cases, e.g: The UK NHS bot inadvertently conveying an email to 850,000 individuals or Kodak, once one of the world’s driving film organizations, petitioning for chapter 11 of every 2012 because of sponsorship the wrong sort of photograph related development.

Be that as it may, one especially outstanding come up short was Blockbuster – they were at one time the world’s greatest video rental organization yet close down all residual retail locations in 2013. They put their heads in the sand and disregarded the advanced transformation for so long, that when they chose to accomplish something and begin a computerized spilling organization, it was past the point of no return. Their destruction has been credited to moderating film industry deals and endeavoring to drive hailing deals with arrangements that didn’t fit client needs, e.g. urging individuals to purchase tidbits and transforming it into a comfort store, and overlooking the development of organizations, for example, Netflix.

Generally speaking, it was only an inability to improve. Daniel Newmancalls this the ‘lottery impact’ – where organizations, similar to a lottery champ, are riding on the coattails of a past progress instead of accepting points of interest of new open doors.

UX for DX

From the pitiful story of both Kodak and Blockbuster’s end, it is clear to see where UX fashioners make their mark. We comprehend the benefit of investigating client needs, critical thinking and ease of use testing new thoughts, as opposed to risking it.

What’s more, what different groups or parts are vital to huge scale organizations in this period of computerized business?

All things considered, computerized authority needs to originate from all territories of the association – not only the IT division or the C-Suite. HR divisions will have a major test on their hand’s on-boarding individuals with information of the new innovation and ensure they aren’t change safe. There is additionally incredible breadth in computerized showcasing as expansive organizations move far from customary advertising strategy. The advancement of Voice User Interfaces (VUI) is set to fundamentally change computerized promoting as the move from content based looking advances to voice based quests.

General individuals should be ground breaking and ready to grasp change, whatever their part. The BBC says that the up and coming age of occupations will be comprised of aptitudes as opposed to callings – individuals will always include abilities based what they are keen on and what makes them more employable while bouncing from occupation to work.


It is an extremely energizing time to be in innovation, especially in UX as there is such a great amount of degree for critical thinking and truly having any kind of effect to individuals’ lives.

Are there any activity parts, organizations or enterprises that you believe are especially needing an advanced change? Tell us in the remarks beneath.

Prepared to join the business change campaign? Look at our courses to set yourself on a pathway to a computerized change counseling vocation today.

Old Style Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Investigating the main ten organizations in the distributed computing segment gives a fascinating understanding into the condition of the business today.

As per Forbes, the best five spaces are commanded by Microsoft, AWS (Amazon), Salesforce, SAP and IBM. Interesting that few of the biggest and most monetarily innovation organizations of the early tech blast are absent.



Battling Back

Be that as it may, Cisco has all the earmarks of being accepting the test and discovering approaches to edge itself once again into the best five of the distributed computing amusement. Mindful that product is developing road through which figuring is done, the organization is shoring up its endeavors here.

As The Economist nitty gritty: “It is putting forth tailor-made items to the huge cloud suppliers. It has augmented its product and administrations business and, to guarantee more steady incomes, is making a greater amount of its items accessible as a membership.”

Moderating Sales

The reason that organizations which offer equipment are under risk is because of the expansion of distributed computing. This implies less organizations need to purchase equipment of their own, including system hardware – the bread and margarine of Cisco. Furthermore, when they do purchase equipment, they are frequently needing a more modified ordeal.

As The Economist went ahead to note: “Rather than paying for a ‘conclusion to-end arrange’ from Cisco, huge cloud administrators, for example, Amazon and Microsoft incline toward equip that exactly fits their necessities. This is the reason Cisco’s cloud deals have frustrated, while more specific merchants, for example, Arista have made advances.” what’s more, we’ve seen a ton of sellers like Amazon and Google assemble their own system equipment starting with no outside help because of the developing cloud request.

Going Old School

As this adjustment in the desires happens, old fashioned organizations like Cisco are adapting rapidly. This occasionally incorporates moving far from their once shake strong business recommendations. While Cisco still makes a solid edge on its equipment—The Economist takes note of that the organization is as yet in charge of the offer of every single new switcher and switches. This makes up half of the organization’s $50 billion yearly income, despite the fact that the general piece of the pie has declined. What’s more is that a cloud stage that Cisco presented in 2014 has just been covered. This happened with the declaration that in March the organization moved “endeavors applications and information somewhere else including to another, anonymous open cloud supplier,” which many suspected was Amazon.

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Developing Cloud Computing Expectations

This is charming for close watchers of this industry since it demonstrates that the requests and limitations of the cloud are changing buyers needs and desires. As one Forbes benefactor composed, for a significant part of the business’ history, “the undertaking tech business has spoken with the world from a ‘back to front’ viewpoint that leads each exchange with item includes, item specs, item points of interest, and item POVs.”

This never again works, as distributed computing has both quickened and changed the way that organizations work together and decide. Because of the huge swath of alternatives, organizations are more “me-centered.” Thus, in this quick paced atmosphere “specialists are settling on the purchasing choices and they need the business discussions to be engaged around their requirements, their chances, and their clients.”


The organization is wagering on its capacity to enable organizations to deal with the Internet of Things (IoT) more productively than programming centered organizations. By depending on its notoriety and name acknowledgment—and in addition its learning of equipment driven incentives—Cisco may well figure out how to squeeze its way again into importance. However, it will just happen on the off chance that they keep on innovating even with the gigantic changes that distributed computing has created.

Setup MySQL Replication

MySQL Replication

Welcome back to our series on creating a highly available solution using VPSs on our public cloud. In the last part we looked at configuring Master-Master configuration for MySQL on the servers. We had the MySQL configuration set to listen for public connections to the server and configured the iptables firewall to only allow remote connections from the other server in the pair. Now we’ll conclude by setting the MySQL replication going on the servers.

How to set up MySQL replication

To get things going we need to create a user to perform the replication for MySQL. So first we need to log into the MySQL server as root on the first server:

mysql -u root -p

Once signed in, issue the following commands, making sure to adjust the IP address for your setup and change password for a secure password. The IP address should be the one of the second server. We are creating a user that MySQL will connect with from the second server to replicate data.

CREATE USER ‘repl_user’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;


Now we need to get the position of the master log file: keep a copy of the output from this command:


With that done you can now exit the MySQL command line:


Now connect to the second server and repeat the process using the first server’s IP address to allow that to replicate in the other direction:

mysql -u root -p

CREATE USER ‘repl_user’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;



Again, make a note of the master status information.

Now we can go back to the first server and start the replication, again by logging into the MySQL command line:

mysql -u root -p

Now run the following commands, changing the IP to match the second server’s IP, the password to match the password, the master log file to match the file shown in the SHOW MASTER STATUS output on the second server, and the MASTER_LOG_POS to match the second server’s position:




Now you can check the status of its replication from the other server with:


Note that the “\G” isn’t a typo, and is used to inform MySQL to provide a different output formatting which can make this command’s output more readable.

Finally, we repeat the process on the second server, noting that this time the IP address should be the one for the first server, and then that logfile and position should be the ones we got from the first server’s master status output:




With that done, again you can check the replication status with:


To test it you can make a change on one of the servers and see if it replicates over to the other server. To do that we’ll create a test database on the second server:


Now if you go back to the first server you can use the following command at the MySQL command line to see if the database copied over:


The replication should be almost instant unless there are network issues between the servers.  If it doesn’t appear within a few minutes then you’ll need to check that the two servers are communicating ok.  Otherwise, if it replicated fine we can delete the database on the first server:


With this done you can now go back over to the second server to check if the test database has been deleted:


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If it has gone then you are all good, and the Master-Master replication is working and successfully duplicating the database between each server. Next time we’ll look at how we can duplicate the files for our website between the servers using Unison.

Optimized VPS Performance Tips

Optimized VPS Performance Tips

Optimized VPS Performance Tips


VPS are a great technology for growing businesses, offering many of the features of a dedicated server but at much a reduced cost and with easier management. However, to get the most out of your VPS it is always good to look at ways to optimise its performance.

Too frequently, the default settings for many applications, like Apache, are not ideal for the level of performance you need and, in addition, there are measures you can take to reduce load and improve site response times; these include caching, analysing performance metrics and utilising a content delivery network (CDN). To help you get the most from your VPS, we’ve put together these five simple tips to improve its performance.


Optimise your Apache configuration

You should begin your VPS optimisation by looking closely at your Apache configuration. Poor configuration can lead Apache to unnecessarily use up most of your server’s resources and this can impact on all other processes you require your server to undertake. This is especially so with a VPS.

You can improve the performance of your server by adjusting the settings of StartServers, KeepAlive, MaxClients, StartServers and MaxRequestsPerChild. Below are the recommended settings for VPS.

This directive sets the number of child server processes created on start-up. The value should mirror what is set in MinSpareServers. The StartServers value for VPS is recommended as 5.


Keep Alive

KeepAlive should be ‘on’ unless the server is getting requests from large numbers of IPs simultaneously.
High volume and/or load balanced servers should have this setting turned off to increase connection throughput.
MaxKeepAliveRequests should be set to 100 on a VPS
KeepAliveTimeout: it is recommended that this value is lowered to 5 on VPS.


Max Clients

This directive limits the number of simultaneous requests that will be served. Any connection attempts above this limit will be queued. The recommended limit for MaxClients with VPS is 150.


Max Requests Per Child

This directive limits the number of requests that an individual child server process will handle. After the number of requests reaches the value specified, the child process will die. For VPS the recommended limit is 300.


Keep your MySQL version up to date

Keeping your version of MySQL up to date is essential for ensuring your VPS maintains peak performance and remains secure. Version 5.1 and below are now ‘end of life’ (EOL) and are no longer recommended or supported. For best performance (at the time of going to press) versions 5.5 or 5.6 are recommended, with 5.6 being the most superior version with regard to both read/write and read only workloads and response times.

Updating MySQL requires a fairly detailed technical understanding and is not an easy process to carry out, especially if you lack the necessary experience. If you are one of our clients, however, our 24/7 customer support will be more than willing to assist you in the process.


Cache your content

Caching is another way to improve the performance of your VPS. Constantly requesting static files can be a resource-heavy and slow process; however, by caching to RAM, you can speed up processes and reduce latency through the temporary storage of frequently-used data.

The caching software which you can use includes Varnish, a cache that improves the performance of dynamic websites and Memcached, an in-memory caching system, helpful for sites that rely heavily on databases.


Optimise your content

There is a plethora of ways which your content can be optimised to be delivered more effectively. The best way to find out which are the most appropriate actions for your content is to use one of the many free, online tools that analyse websites looking for issues and offering suggestions for improvements, for example, Google’s PageSpeed and WebPageTest.org. Both of these tools will provide you with detailed and accurate speed and performance measures as well as pointing out where your content and server can be better optimised. They grade your site on a range of performance criteria and give detailed feedback on how to improve both back-end server settings and front-end configuration.


Consider using a content delivery network

It takes time for data to travel across the internet and the further away a visitor is from your server, the longer it takes to carry out a request. A content delivery network is a paid for service which stores your static content on various servers at different geographical locations around the globe, so that when someone requests data, the static data is sent from the nearest location. As a result, content is delivered quicker and websites load faster. In addition, by freeing up the amount of work your server needs to do, your server can perform its other services better.

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From reading this article you should now have a better understanding of the steps you can take to make your VPS server work faster and more efficiently. Improving the configuration of Apache, updating MySQL, caching, content optimisation and content delivery networks are all ways which you can improve your load times and help your visitors have a better user experience.

Using Custom Error 404 with Apache

custom 404

When you manage a website, a great deal of time is spent customizing the software, running it, and tweaking the layout and design to match the ideas you have for how it should look. Normally we only think about the parts of the website we expect visitors to see. Unfortunately there are some common pages that can be missed: the error pages.

Error Pages

While in an ideal world no one should ever see an error page on your website, there are a number of factors that could cause them to be shown. One is shown as a result of user error, when someone incorrectly types in a link they have tried to remember. In this tutorial we’ll look at how we can go about serving custom error pages with the Apache web server instead of the standard and plain built-in ones. This means you can make your error pages match the rest of your site design, and even include navigation to link visitors back to important pages on your site.

The errors we’ll be concentrating on here are these common ones that may often be encountered by a browser:

401 – Unauthorized: This error is seen for pages where authentication is required but the user has not given authentication details.

403 – Forbidden: This error is given for pages where authentication is required and incorrect details have been provided.

404 – Not Found: This error is given when the web server is unable to locate the file that the visitor has requested.

500 – Internal Server Error: This is given when there is an error processing the request but there isn’t an applicable and more specific error to provide.

There are many more errorsthan this, but most are unlikely to be encountered except for a number of specific web server implementations.

To make this work, the first thing you need to do is create web pages for the errors that need to be served. First you’ll need to go to your website’s webroot directory on your server. In that directory we’ll create 4 files, named after the different errors, so 401.html, 403.html, 404.html, and 500.html. Into these you’ll need to put the HTML code to create your error pages. If you don’t know HTML then an easy way of doing this is to open your website in your web browser, right click on the page and select “view source”. Copy and paste the HTML content from the page into a text editor and then find the content from the page and replace it with the text you wish to use for your custom error page. You can test how this looks by saving it to your local computer using the relevant filename, and opening it in your web browser.

Once you are happy with the HTML content for your error pages, you can paste that into the files on your server. You can then test the pages work by navigating to them in a web browser, for example:



You’d need to replace “www.example.com” with your website’s domain name, of course. If the page loads without problem then it’s ready to be used. The last thing to do is to configure Apache to serve your error documents instead of the standard ones. There are two ways to do this: one is using a .htaccess file which is placed in your website’s web root directory and is normally used when you don’t have access to edit the virtualhost files for the website such as with shared hosting. The other method (which is preferred if you are the administrator of the system) is to place the ErrorDocument directives at the end of the virtualhost file before the trailing </VirtualHost> line. Below is the text you would need to paste into the file to make it work:

ErrorDocument 401 /401.html

ErrorDocument 403 /403.html

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

ErrorDocument 500 /500.html


Save and exit the file edited. If you used the .htaccess file then you don’t need to do anything else for it to work. If you place the directives in the virtualhost file you will need to reload Apache with the following:

On CentOS/Red Hat systems:

sudo systemctl reload httpd

On Debian/Ubuntu systems:

sudo systemctl reload apache2

You can now test that it works by navigating to a page that doesn’t exist on your website, after which you should be served your new custom 404 error page.

Introduce HTTPS & SEO

Https SEO

2017 is turning out to be the time of site security. HTTPS has come strongly into center starting late, in spite of the fact that Google has been pushing for a more secure web since 2014. Be that as it may, HTTPS influences more than basically your site’s security it assumes an indispensable part in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) endeavors. How about we investigate how HTTPS and SEO cooperate.

HTTPS and SEO go as an inseparable unit

While Google’s rules are absolutely motivation to do the change to HTTPS, your guests are vital, as well. All things considered, a site that needs trust will see its movement figures drop. This implies changing to HTTPS is critical, insofar as you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages it gives.

In this post, we’ll start by taking a gander at what HTTPS is and disclosing why it’s probably going to be a piece of your future. We’ll at that point entirety up the effect HTTPS will have on your SEO before talking about how to screen your site’s SEO execution. We should begin!

What is HTTPS (and for what reason does it make a difference)

The green latch and https://assignment are normal identifiers of a safe site.

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) decides how information is exchanged over the web. It works inside a scrambled Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) association with guarantee that information is shielded from block attempts en route. To put it plainly, you can’t have HTTPS without a SSL.

Conversely, HTTP is the unsecured form of the convention. It works likewise to HTTPS, however does exclude encryption. There are various advantages to utilizing HTTPS you’ll need to consider:

On the off chance that you manage individual client information, you need that data to be as secure as conceivable while moving from server to server.

HTTPS offers a put stock in marker to guests through the normal green latch image. Not exclusively does this tell clients they’re protected when perusing your site, yet it can likewise comfort them an attractive situation in the event that you bargain in eCommerce, for instance.

HTTPS could furnish your site with a web search tool positioning lift (more on this underneath).

To put it plainly, doing the change to HTTPS is alluring for some sites. How about we investigate why by considering how HTTPS and SEO cooperate to possibly build your positioning.

How HTTPS impacts your SEO

Be that as it may, in light of the fact that this pattern is so later, there’s very little hard information yet to obviously demonstrate the advantage to your hunt rankings. All things being equal, we’ve just gathered that HTTPS impacts SEO in a couple of vital ways:

Google gives secure destinations a minor positioning lift. There may be a slight plunge in your rankings as Google re-creeps your site’s pages after the switch, yet it ought to recoup inside fourteen days.

There’s an unmistakable speed increment, as demonstrated by the HTTP versus HTTPS site. This can bring about an auxiliary impact on SEO, as site speed is certainly a positioning element.

  • HTTPS additionally battles the loss of referral information that can happen when a site changes from an unsecure to a safe association. To put it plainly, this implies your investigation devices can keep on accurately report movement numbers.
  • At long last, because of the unmistakable increment in security pointers in plain view, guests may feel more good utilizing your site. This will clearly influence your movement levels, which will offer a lift to your SEO.
  • On the off chance that you haven’t speculated at this point, we feel sure that HTTPS can profit all destinations, paying little heed to your specialty or guest base. Also, getting installed includes less bother than any time in recent memory.
  • Expert tip: Assess your own particular site’s SEO execution some time recently, amid and after the change to screen comes about as they happen. That way, you’ll have the capacity to watch out for the impacts for yourself.

Step by step instructions to screen your site’s SEO execution


HTTPS SEO Monitoring
Google Analytics and Search Console can tell you almost everything important about your website.

While you could use a tool such as Google Analytics to monitor your SEO, you’ll get more mileage from a dedicated solution (or even by combining approaches).

There are a number of tools that can help you monitor your SEO performance (such as Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer and Moz Pro’s Rank Tracker). However, given our focus on improving your search rankings, it’s worth considering solutions from the two major search engines — Google’s Search Console and Bing’s SEO Analyzer.

HTTPS SEO Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console (and its closely related cousin, Google Analytics) is the industry standard for analytical insight about your website and its visitors. It’s incredibly easy to use for gauging your SEO performance, offers you insight into how your site is viewed by real users, and can also help you meet Google’s (largely secret) requirements for ranking highly.